Drug addiction usually causes a lot of strong opinions. Most of these opinions are not positive in nature. There is a large amount of stigma concerning those who are addicted to drugs. For people who’ve never had an addiction, they don’t understand that it is a disease.

They think it is laziness or a character flaw and they look down on addicts, even if they want to get help. Cocaine specifically just changes brain chemistry and how the brain works. People who become addicted to cocaine cannot control or change their behavior without help.

Stopping drugs is just not as easy as we want it to be, for users and their family who are affected by their drug use.

There is no official way to know what people will become addicted to drugs. There’s also no way to tell how soon after starting drugs they could become addicted. It is different for every person.

Some people are definitely more at risk for developing addictions though. Some of these risk factors include:

–    Age at time of first drug use

–    Environment (sexual abuse, peer pressure, stress)

–    Ethnic background

–    Genes

–    Gender

–    Pre-existing mental conditions like anxiety, depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia

Obviously, not everyone with these risk factors will suffer from addiction. These aren’t guarantees; they’re just signs that mean addiction could be more likely to happen for them if they used drugs.


Signs Of Addiction: Behavioral Changes

Addiction is in fact classified as a disease. Because of this, some signs and symptoms can be naturally linked to addiction. When it comes to cocaine, there are very specific symptoms.

The first is that they are no longer able to meet their obligations. It could be that they miss work, or their grades go down in school. Because cocaine is a stimulant, users crash after the high. This can be depressive and lead people unable to follow their duties.

Cocaine addiction can also lead them to put themselves in dangerous or risky situations. This is because cocaine is illegal, so often they would have to head out to dangerous neighborhoods or talk with vulnerable people. This can be a sign as well.

Cocaine addiction changes the brain. It decreases the brain’s ability to make dopamine, which means cocaine highs can be the only way they can feel happy.

Eventually, they may be unable to feel pleasure at all.

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