Cutting Cocaine is a common practice that is used for several different reasons. If you were wondering about what is used to cut Cocaine, in this article, you are going to find the information you were looking for.

How often Is Cocaine cut, and Why?

Uncut Cocaine is difficult to find because, due to the vast market behind this substance, people cut it in order to have more doses available. This means people almost always cut Cocaine. Therefore it’s going to be very easy to come in contact with these types of mixtures.

The aim of cutting Coke isn’t only getting more doses from a batch of pure Cocaine, but it can also be done to obtain effects similar to the ones this drug causes while spending less money.

Which Substances are Common Cocaine Cutting Agents?

“What is Cocaine usually cut with?” is a common question that has more than one answer because several substances can be used as Coke cuts. Usually, these agents are divided into two categories: Substitutes and adulterants.

An adulterant is most likely substances like different laundry detergents, more specifically, a common practice is cutting Cocaine with baking soda. Coke cut with these agents looks like uncut Cocaine because these elements look very similar to the drug itself. This technique is often used to get more Cocaine from one batch.

The effects of substitutes, such as Procaine and Lidocaine, are comparable to those Cocaine produces, but they are a lot cheaper. For this reason, substitutes are used for masking the fact the substance people buy isn’t pure Cocaine, but was actually cut.

In case you’re wondering which the best thing to cut Coke with is, the answer could be a substance called ‘Levamisole.’ If you wish to know more about this cutting agent, you can find useful and additional information on the NCBI website.

What is Freebase Coke?

Cocaine cut with ether and ammonia is usually called freebase Coke. Ammonia is used as a base agent, while ether is the solvent. Due to its lower melting point, this kind of cut Cocaine can be smoked other than snorted or injected. However, sometimes Freebase Cocaine burns the throat and nasal passages of the person snort coke. Since this Coke is produced through evaporation, it is actually more pure than Cocaine cut in regular ways. However, it’s also more addictive because its effects get to the brain more quickly.

How Dangerous Is Cut Cocaine?

Cocaine cut with adulterants and substitutes can be dangerous in more than one way. First of all, cut Coke contains the cumulative effects of several substances that are not only used for cutting Coke because they look like the original drug. Most of these agents have toxic properties of their own, which add up to those of uncut Cocaine.

Needless to say, this mixture of substances can be deadly, especially when a person already has a history of Coke addiction. For this reason, one should always be aware of what the dangers using cut Cocaine implies and what substances were mixed in order to make it.

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