Sigmund Freud is one of the most well-known users of cocaine in history. Since cocaine is a stimulant, he used it to help him stay awake. Eventually, Freud realized the dangers of cocaine. He was able to find recovery and quit using the drug.

This constantly happens in the mean streets of the United States. People want to use cocaine to help them for many reasons. Then they find themselves tugged into an increasing addiction they can’t escape.


Manufacturing Cocaine

The leaves of the coca plant in South America have been chewed for years. Chewing the leaves extracts the pure cocaine inside of it. There aren’t high levels of cocaine in the leaves though, so it’s more like caffeine for the people who take it this way.

It was originally isolated by a scientist and then used to make over-the-counter medications and anesthetics.

To make cocaine, you mix the coca leaf with some easily found chemicals. This makes a pure powder that is worth a lot of money. Many people will mix it with other things though to add more to their supply.

Ingredients that are mixed into cocaine usually look and feel similar to powdered cocaine. This can make it hard to identify if it’s been mixed. They are way less pure products though. They make it so dealers can really stretch their product to make more money. That makes the drug weaker but still makes it dangerous because of what could be mixed in it.


Some common ingredients dealers mix into cocaine:

–    Antihistamines

–    Baby powder

–    Powdered milk

–    Sugar

Crack cocaine is made by taking cocaine powder and mixing it with stuff you can find in your house and water. This makes little crystal rocks that can be smoked.


Cocaine And How It Gets Here

65 percent of all cocaine that enters the U.S. comes through the southwest border of our country. 90 percent of the cocaine we get comes from Colombia. The drug cartels generally smuggle cocaine in many wells.

They smuggle them among other products like computers or clothing. Sometimes they have people act as drug mules and they smuggle cocaine inside their bodies which is dangerous.


Having cocaine, using cocaine, or selling cocaine are all illegal. The laws can be extreme when it comes to this drug because it is so dangerous. One time use can lead to a lifetime of cravings and addiction.

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