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Jacques Zarra grew up knowing the struggles of addiction. His mother was addicted to cocaine for much of his childhood. He was deeply affected by it.
Zarra saw his mother struggle consistently as she tried to quit using the drug. She often worked on her own though, because she could not afford serious help. This lead to constant relapses and mood swings. Her depressions only got worse over time.
Since then, Zarra knew he wanted to be able to help people. Specifically, those who suffer from addiction and believe there’s no way out. No one should try to quit on their own, because these drugs are so powerfully addictive.
Zarra graduated from University with a degree in Psychology and Behavioral Therapy. Then spent years working in various clinics on his passion. He learned everything he could about treating drug addiction.
He has used this knowledge and applied it to his own center based out of San Jose. We are proud to have him lead our clinic. He is someone who understands what addicts are going through and refuses to pass judgment.
Stop by today out our treatment clinic and see how we can help you in your recovery journey.

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