Cocaine Treatment 

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Treatment And Rehab In Our Clinic

The first step to success is always seeking treatment. It can be hard to pull yourself out of that spiral and get the help you need. You should be proud of starting your journey toward recovery.
Cocaine addiction is usually treated by a mixture of inpatient rehab and behavioral therapy. Cocaine has psychological severe effects that can make withdrawal very difficult. It is not easy to quit an addiction to cocaine.
First things first, you need to be up front and honest about your cocaine use. How long you’ve been using, how much, how often are all important. This is because treatment is different depending on the answers to these questions.
If you use a lot and have been for years, you would definitely need more treatment.

Treatment Centers For Cocaine Addiction

There are many different treatment centers for cocaine addiction in the U.S. It can feel impossible to pick which one is right for you. Prices vary depending on what type of facility it is.
Programs that are pretty basic rehab cost less while those with luxury treatment cost more.
Make sure you find a center that can focus on your cocaine addiction. They should also know how to do dual treatment for any mental issues alongside it.

Inpatient Treatment For Cocaine Addiction in Our Clinic

Many people choose to receive inpatient treatment for their cocaine addiction. Inpatient treatment is a popular choice because it puts you in a place where you won’t be able to use cocaine even if you want to.
Rehabs can generally keep you around 30 to 90 days. This gives you long enough to break the cycle and develop new coping skills. It is also essential to have medical supervision when going through detox and withdrawal because it can be dangerous.
Going back to real life can be jarring, but many addicts need the stability inpatient treatment can give them. Having a routine schedule can help with many symptoms of cocaine withdrawal.
Most programs include:

– Aftercare planning
– Art therapy
– Cognitive behavioral therapy
– Dialectical behavioral therapy
– Mental health counseling
– Relapse counseling
– Support groups
– 12-step programs

Our Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

As stated earlier, going back to the real world can be confusing. It can feel like you have no idea how to handle real-life struggles like work or family. Personal relationships can be hard.
Narcotics Anonymous is set up to help those in recovery. Support networks have been shown to be the most important part of recovery. Having others who understand what you’re going through and who can hold you accountable can really make a difference.
There are usually mentors to help you along your way, and daily meetings. That way you don’t have free time to engage in your old bad habits. It’s important to make sure you set up life in a way that makes cocaine addiction no longer possible or wanted.
Recovery can be hard. It is a lifelong adventure, and you’ll never really be free of your cocaine addiction. But you’re strong enough to stick to it.

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