Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. It causes intense highs and severe cravings. This means people have a hard time giving it up and moving to recovery.

Cocaine withdrawal can last one week or up to three weeks. Cocaine stays within the body 72 hours after use, though it can be found in the system for up to 12 weeks. Cocaine withdrawal and detoxing depend on the person.

The person’s history with the drug is very important. How long they’ve been using cocaine or how often can change their detoxing. How much cocaine is used also plays a significant factor.

Those who’ve been using cocaine for years would have worse withdrawal symptoms than those who’ve only been using for months.

Crashes that follow the use of cocaine can last from nine hours up to four days. But long term cocaine abusers can have withdrawal symptoms like that which last weeks or months. This is why there’s no guarantee on how long it can take to detox.


The TimeLine For Cocaine Detox

The First 3 Days. Depression is the closest companion of these days. It’s normal to wake up feeling sad and irritable. Hunger is also common along with confusion. Your body doesn’t know what to do without the drug or how to acts.

4-7 Days. Drug cravings start to take over your days. You might need to sleep for long periods for your body to reassert itself. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat food.

Some symptoms you might experience:

–    Apathy

–    Anxiety

–    Depression

–    Dysphoria

–    Irritability

–    Paranoia

The First Week. It can be easy to find yourself overconfident at this point. This is because cravings will lower a bit and you’ll feel more normal. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can handle it just yet. Depression comes in cycles so you’ll swing back into different moods constantly.

The Second Week. Drug cravings can start to return with a vengeance. You may feel hungry, angry, and irritable. There may be vivid dreams and thoughts about using cocaine again.


More Phases Of Withdrawal From Cocaine Detox

Mood changes are widespread, and that can feel scary and make you feel out of sorts. Sleep problems and depression might still be around. That can be helped with a good diet and exercise.

You’ll probably have various methods to work with you on your detox. There will be doctors and also therapy. It’s proven often that working from multiple angles provides the most help.


How Long Does Cocaine Detox Take

In general, the average detox from cocaine takes about a week.  Killing the binge use cycle of cocaine can be the hardest part, and symptoms can persist for weeks. There are no FDA approved medications to use to treat cocaine addiction, so good old therapy and classic rehab are the way to go.

It is a hard journey, no doubt about that, but definitely possible.

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