The drug cocaine is a powerful stimulant. It can actively affect and change your central nervous system. Overdosing on cocaine is actually scarily common for users of cocaine. Overdose is generally more common in those who IV use over those who just smoke crack cocaine.

An overdose is when the drugs in a person’s system are too much for their body to handle. Their body goes into shock or rejection, and they can experience extreme symptoms or even death.

There isn’t really a way to know if someone will die of an overdose until it is too late.


Tolerance To Cocaine

Tolerance grows when people use drugs regularly. Tolerance is the body growing used to the drug, so the person needs more of the drug to get the results they want. Tolerance is part of what can lead to overdose because they can take too much to get high.

This is also a problem for those who might have stopped using for a while. If an addict goes a long period of time without using and then takes what would have been a normal dose for them back then, they can overdose.

This is because their body is no longer used to the drug and their tolerance is gone. A lot of accidental overdoses happen this way.

It is also quite common for cocaine users to mix drugs or even receive mixed drugs unknowingly. People generally don’t even know it. Mixing drugs like cocaine and alcohol can also be very dangerous.

Cocaethylene is created by our bodies when alcohol and cocaine get mixed together in the liver. This can actually increase cocaine’s effects but does murder on our bodies. This makes death a way more likely outcome for someone.

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